Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Tutorial for a Quick and Easy Wreath

The kids and I threw together this very simple wreath in no time flat.

I have to be totally honest and let you know that 
I got this sock wreath idea right here.
Becca made a lovely sock wreath:  it is totally cute!
I just kinda took her idea and "valentined" it...
Thanks for sharing Becca! 


  • 4 socks (two pairs)
  • 1 foam wreath
  • serrated knife
  • scissors
  • needle and thread or sewing machine 

We're excited to get started!

Turn your socks inside out and pin the heel together flat.
Sew across it to eliminate the heel entirely and turn the sock into a tube sock....

Trim seam to get rid of bulkiness

Now cut off toes.
Not rocket science: no need to cut exactly straight.

Do all this to all four socks.
All your socks now are straight tubes with openings on both ends.

If you think the boy-child isn't helping, think again:  he is the photographer!

Let mommy cut the wreath.
I used my trusty ol' serrated bread-knife:  Worked like a champ!

Slide on the tube-socks, one at a time.

Arrange and scrunch the socks how you like them.
They stay put really well, but if you'd like you could glue or pin them into place.  

How do you like the Valentine's day wreath next to the Christmas gingerbread house....????
heeheeheehee  :D

Gotta love January! 

Make these with your kids!  It was soooo much fun and VERY inexpensive!
I bought the socks at the dollar store and the wreath cost next to nothing at the craft store.


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