Friday, July 23, 2010

Sewing with Burlap Potato Sacks

Aloha!!!  Friends!!!
Sewing with potato pockets is such FUN!!! You can feel good about recycling and being GREEN!!!
But..... unfortunately, like everything worth while, it does pose some challenges.....

The school of trial and error has taught me that because potato sack jute fibers are woven loosely, {especially compared to the burlap fabric that comes on rolls at the fabric stores} it is somewhat more delicate. Potato sack burlap fabric just does not hold up quite as well, as say.... leather.......
However, sewing with potato sacks is still worth the effort! The end result is SO FUN!!!! You will get TONS of compliments!

So have no fear, a solution is near!

A document is available that tells you all the tips and tricks YOU need to know to have your very cute sewing project stand up to every day wear and tear,and look great for a LOOOOOOOOONG time!!!!!!

The name of the PDF file is

Potato Sack Preparation Tricks and Tips

It is available for FREE to anyone 
Just follow this link to my official website, and download the file at the bottom of the post....

Happy Burlap Sewing!
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  1. Good idea! I am glad you came up with some solutions to them wearing out soon....
    That is so sad when you have worked so hard on something and it just falls apart.... :(

  2. I've aquired a couple of coffee beans sacks and found your site as I am in the process of making a messenger bag. I'm looking for your tutorial on working with burlap. Could you help me with this? I am willing to pay for it.

  3. Hi MJ,

    I am so glad you are venturing out into the burlap sack sewing area....!!! You will just love the results! They will definitely make you smile....!!!

    Glad you're smart about doing it right, though! I didn't do that at first, and BOY did I regret that!!!


    The PDF tutorial on how to sew with potato sacks is available on my Etsy site:

    The name of the item is Potato Sack Preparation Tricks and Tips.

    If it is not there, it just sold, and I may have forgotten to re-list it...
    oops! I'm sorry!

    You can always contact me and I'll get on the stick and get it done!!!

    Have a great burlap sewing weekend!


  4. Hi there!

    I have changed my mind:

    From now on I will give the PDF file away free to anyone who emails me with that requests. I hesitated to do so in the past, because it took me so long to discover and develop these precautionary methods. And I figured that was worth something, so I sold the info for $2.50, but gave it away to all those who purchased a potato sack from us.... I have changed my mind: Let's spead the love.... {heeheeheehee}
    Now I will GIVE the info away FREE if you email me. I will email the file back to you at no charge and keep you updated with our newsletter on anything else new that is going on in the creative Crystelle world....
    My email:
    crystelleboutique at gmail dot com

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  5. do you think it would be nearly impossible to sew a burlap jacket?

  6. Hi Julia!
    I am sorry to sound so negative in the post!
    Of course you can sew a burlap jacket!Burlap will not hold up like canvas or leather, but it does make a great fabric.
    My experience is with POTATO SACK sewing only, which is woven MUCH more loosely than other burlap materials!
    You just go girl! Sew up that jacket, and send me a picture, so I can post it on this blog!



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