Friday, July 23, 2010

Sewing with Burlap Potato Sacks

Aloha!!!  Friends!!!
Sewing with potato pockets is such FUN!!! You can feel good about recycling and being GREEN!!!
But..... unfortunately, like everything worth while, it does pose some challenges.....

The school of trial and error has taught me that because potato sack jute fibers are woven loosely, {especially compared to the burlap fabric that comes on rolls at the fabric stores} it is somewhat more delicate. Potato sack burlap fabric just does not hold up quite as well, as say.... leather.......
However, sewing with potato sacks is still worth the effort! The end result is SO FUN!!!! You will get TONS of compliments!

So have no fear, a solution is near!

A document is available that tells you all the tips and tricks YOU need to know to have your very cute sewing project stand up to every day wear and tear,and look great for a LOOOOOOOOONG time!!!!!!

The name of the PDF file is

Potato Sack Preparation Tricks and Tips

It is available for FREE to anyone 
Just follow this link to my official website, and download the file at the bottom of the post....

Happy Burlap Sewing!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make a Selvage Bag Instructions

¡Hola! ¿Cómo es usted? 
The Aerika Selvage Edge Bag is a REAL HIT!!!!
How do you like it...??? 
Wanna make your own Selvage Edge Purse...????
It is easy and FUN fun FUN!!!!
Here we go:

Some simple instructions on how to make your own selvage bag....

Isn't it so fun to make something out of something we would normally discard? I think so!
  • Save your selvage edges {or just cut them off the collection of fabrics you already have}

  • Cut 1/2 inch into the print of the fabric. {some people do more, I like to be consistent and do 1/2 inch each time}

  • Cut your purse pattern pieces out of white cotton
  • {use the FREE Aerika Pattern, available from CrystelleBoutique....!!!!,or your own favorite pattern}
  • Draw parallel lines on the cotton to keep you going straight as you go along
  •  Place one strip of selvage edge on at a time, and sew it in place
    • Be sure to overlap the unfinished edge of the previous selvage edge with the finished edge of the current one
    Not bad, is it?
    You can SO do this!!!!

    • I really love the way it turns out. See another view right here
    • This is a very green, reused, recycled, re-purposed {all that good stuff..... :) } project for you and your friends and kids to do
    • I used the free Aerika Purse Pattern {a Crystelle Boutique original creation} to make this selvage edge bag....
    The Poppie Flower is WAY cute too!!!!  Instructions on how to make it are right here

    Have fun cutting and sewing!
    :) Crystelle

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    How to Make your Own Easy Needle Threader

    I am so excited about this:
    A friend of mine gave me a home-made needle threader this weekend. It works great, and is SOOOOOOOO easy to make!

    Homemade Needle Threader

    You could make one right now from items you have laying around...!
    Take some fish-line

    Make Your Own Needle Threader

    Tie it in a loop.

    Easy to Make Needle Threader

    Put a ribbon on it (or piece of yarn), so you won't loose it!

    Needle Threader


    Isn't it way awesome...?????

    (sorry, the pictures are not fabulous, but I was trying to show you what it looked like. Hope it makes sense....!!! :)

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